Thursday, 31 August 2017

C. P. Keshavan Vaidhyarude Krithikal | Malayalam Epic Poems

C. P. Keshavan Vaidhyarude Krithikal
Reading Malayalam poems of C P Keshavan Vaidhyar is really a satisfying task. The poems of C P Keshavan Vaidhyar are written in Malayalam language and it is really super. 

This book is printed and published by Poornna Publications. This book is one of the Epic Poems collections in the Malayalam language. If you are love to read Malayalam poems then you should try this book.

To know more about this book please go to the below link. You can also browse our latest books online from Poornna online bookstore.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Plus One Accountancy Question Papers With Answers

Plus One Accountancy Question Papers With Answers
The A+ exam winner by Poornna Publishers for the students of Plus one Accountancy contains several model question papers with answers. This book helps you to study and prepare well for the examination. This book can be used by the students who follow HSE and VHSE state syllabus. 

Poornna Publishers took great care in producing this book. This book can be kept as a reference guide. The model question paper also contains detailed answers. You will get the proper idea of questions and answers easily. If you are looking for plus one accountancy question papers with answers online please visit the below link. You can buy this book by using the credit card, debit card or through net banking.

Buy School Master Guide For Kerala Syllabus - Poornna Publications

Buy School Master Guide For Kerala Syllabus - Poornna Publications

School Master guides is one of the best learning guides published by Poornna publications for Kerala state  syllabus students. The guides are prepared by skillful and well known scholars on each subjects. These contains more informative snippets about the chapters those helps the student to  prepare well for the exam. There are more tips available in the guides like, about the authors (in language guides), interesting facts on topics, real incidents to make the chapters more attractive etc.
                                                         The goal of Poornna materials is to provide high quality study materials,for reliable study. They provide special discount for annual subscription scheme up to 30%. This can also get subscribed from their website  through online.

Friday, 25 August 2017

SSLC Study Materials - Kerala Padavali Malayalam

Kerala Padavali Malayalam - SSLC Study Materials
"Poornna" Publishers is publishing a very useful SSLC study materials for the students of standard 10 in the Kerala state syllabus. These SSLC study materials are available for students of Malayalam medium as well as English medium students. "Poornna" is publishing this study guide on every month for the topics that are going to cover in the next month in schools. Hence it will be very helpful for students to study the lessons that are teaching in schools by themselves by checking the question answers from Poornna SSLC study material.

Each issue costs  Rs.40 and for the entire year, the cost is Rs. 270. You can subscribe it for a full year with a discount from Poornna's online shopping website. The first issue is publishing and delivering in the month of May when the school starts. And there will be total eight issues till the month of December. With these total eight issues, a student will get the entire SSLC study materials for that year. These will cover all the subjects and all the syllabus. Word meanings, one-word answers, fill in the blanks, Question answers for each lesson, assignments, project ideas, previous question papers & solved answers, model questions included in this 10th standard study materials. If you are looking for the best SSLC study material that will be very useful for 10th standard students, please click on the below link and know more from Poornna's website itself.

SSLC Study Materials - Kerala Padavali Malayalam »

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Exam Winner SSLC 2017 (English Medium Part 1 & Part 2)

Exam Winner SSLC 2017
Preparing for the SSLC examination is really a tedious task. We need to revise various subjects to score good marks. The exam winner for SSLC from Poornna Publishers contains 2 books. The first book deals with the languages and the second book is for other subjects like science, social studies, and mathematics. 

This book just not contains the question papers but projects, seminar, assignment and other continuous evaluation works. If your children are preparing for the SSLC examination then please go through the below link. You will get the more details as well as the online shopping cart to add this book. Buy the best study guides from Poornna online bookstore with discounts.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Biography Of Cherussery - Malayalam Books Online

Biography Of Cherussery - Malayalam Books Online
The famous Malayalam poet Cherussery Namboodiri was born in the year  C.1375. His birthplace was in Vadakara, a village in the Kerala. His book Krishnagadha make him famous. Even though there is still some confusion about the author of this book, Keralites believe that Krishnagadha is written by Cherussery Namboodiri.

The book published by Poornna publishers named "Cherussery" is written by Beena George. This book discusses the life and work of the Cherussery Namboodiri. This book is treated as the biography of Cherussery. This book costs 20 Rupees. If you are looking for Malayalam books please visit the below link for more details. The books from Poornna publishers are really good and easy to read. Please visit and buy the best books.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Buy Biography Of Kunjunni Mash Online From Poornna Books

Biography Of Kunjunni Mash Online
The book named "Oridathu Oridathu Oru Kunjunni" is written by Sippi Pallippuram is about the poet Kunjunni mash. The biography of Kunjunni mash will be a reference book for students and teachers. 

As a poet, Kunjunni Mash mainly writes small poems. That poem is easy to understand and people love to recite it. His poems are like his height, really small and cool. Actually, he was worked as a teacher. After retirement, he was in an Ashramam. His humble life is clearly pictured in this book.

This book got the Kendra Sahithya Academy award in the year 2010. To buy this book online, please visit the below link. The cost of this book is 140 Rupees.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Kerala Padavali Malayalam English Guides For Standard 8

Kerala Padavali Malayalam English Guides For Standard 8

We all know that 8th standard is one of the turning point for a student, because from this class the High School section begins. So there are lots of changes  in his or her studies. Till that class his science subjects will be split into Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Hence, the model of teaching changes so, the model of teaching should be changed. Here, Poorna publications helps the student to follow the teaching either in English or Malayalam. This can be bought in an affordable price and also contain every subjects with most of the topics. To find an ultimate solution for study problems, Poorna publications gives you the guide in English and Malayalam.

Kerala Padavali Malayalam English Guides - 7th Standard

poorna publication for 7th standard

   Kerala Padavali Malayalam English guides for 7th standard. 

Poornna is a well known publisher for literature books and school study materials. This guide is  for class of 7 standard  students in Kerala state syllabus and it will be very helpful  students in learning  answers, projects etc. Good for study material or guide that will help students in their studies. Poornna is publishing it separately for Malayalam & English medium students and Monthly cost for this guide just Rs.40. If you take annual subscription, you can get it for a cost of Rs.300 /year.

Kerala Padavali Malayalam English Guides - 7th Standard

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer - Biography

Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer - Biography

Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer has belonged to one of the triumvirate poets of 20th century. He was born on 6th June 1877. His birthplace was at Changanaserry. The Maha Kavya named "Umakeralam" is written by Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer. He wrote poems with more deep knowledge. 
The book named "Ulloorinte Kavyalokam" is written by Ms. Beena George. This book can be used as a reference book for children below 8th standard. The main aim of this book is to provide information about this great poet to the children. This book also gives a brief description of his works also. This book is available in the online bookstore of Poornna Publications for 25 rupees.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes -Poornna A+ Exam Winner - 2017

Poornna A+ Exam Winner - 2017 

Physics Notes (Chapter wise)  For Class XII (PlusTwo) CBSE

One of the most known publishers in Kerala - 'Poornna' Publications,  is introducing a new study guide for the CBSE class 12 students. This study guide consists of chapter wise notes for all the lessons in class 12 physics text in the CBSE syllabus. In big classes, when students need to prepare notes by themselves, this guide will be very useful for them. Sometimes even if students read the text books, they may not be able to prepare the notes effectively. To get good marks in exams, it is important to answer with correct points for the questions. When students study themselves alone, these may not be possible always. Sometimes, they may not be able to understand the important points and write it effectively for the questions. If they didn't read the textbook well, they won't be able to answer all questions that are asking indirectly for examinations.

To avoid all such difficulties, Poornna is here with this new guide to help students for their exam preparation. This study guide is prepared by experienced teachers in CBSE and it is prepared with special attention to make it easy for students to understand. Hence this guide can be recommended as a self-study material for the students of class 12 to achieve high marks in their exams. 

It is very important to get good marks in plus two as the plus two mark is an important factor to get admissions for higher studies. Good professional courses always need a certain percentage of marks as cut off marks to apply for admissions. Hence if you are not attaining enough marks in your public exam,  you will miss the opportunities for a good profession. 'Poornna's A+ exam winner' helps you to fulfill your dream for a good profession by attaining good marks in your +2 exams.

To buy or know more about this useful study material (CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes - Poornna A+  Exam Winner - 2017); Please click on the below link.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes -Poornna A+ Exam Winner - 2017