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Anurananam Novel | Malayalam Article

Anurananam Malayalam Article

Dr.D. Babu Paul is a well-known orator. In Anurananam Novel he describes 48different issues. In this article, current issues are discussed in an unbiased manner.

Anurananam Novel

Educational Magazines (Std:1-10)

Educational Magazines (Std:1-10)

Kerala syllabus guidePoorna publications have a huge collection of the Kerala syllabus guide. From first standard to 10th standard students we are providing this guides. This books are very helpful to all the students. In this we are providing the syllabus and also the many additional activities, questions etc from the experts. A+ is our Guarantee to all our students.

Malayalam autobiography books | Poornna Publications

Autobiographies | Poornna Publications

Poornna publications offers handpicked and motivational Malayalam autobiographies from authors. That describes their entire life like family, childhood,upbringing etc. All autobiographies tell inspiring and wonder full stories.

Malayalam autobiography books

Friday, 28 April 2017

The history of Eezhava community in Kerala | A Research Book

Eezhavar Charithrapatanangal | A Research book

The history of Eezhava community in Kerala

This book tells about the history of Eezhava community in Kerala. The book consists of a collection of 28 articles which reveals the cultural background of Eezhavas.  This book is written by Dr. S. Jayaprakash and G. Priyadarsanan. The Book of Eezhava Charitrangal, it  includes the articles of Justice K.Sukumaran, Samuelmeteer, Murkothu kumaran, C.V.Kunjuraman etc. 

Eezhavar Charithrapatanangal | A Research book

Eezhavar Charithrapatanangal | A Research book

This book is a study on the history of Ezhavas; a backward community with origins in the region of Kerala in India. They are also known as Ilhava, Irava, Izhava, Erava, Chovas, Chokons, Chogons, Thiyyas, Tiyyas, Theeyas and Thandan based on different regions in Kerala.The Ezhavas are are socially and educationally disadvantaged group and hence they are classified as OBC(Other Backward Class) by the Government of India.

This book has a collection of 28 articles which depicts the cultural background of ezhavas. This book 'EZHAVAR CHARITHRA PADANANGAL' is edited by Dr.S.Jayaprakash and G.Priyadarsanan. It includes articles of many other famous writers like C.V.Kunjuraman, Justice K.Sukumaran, Samuel, Murkothu kumaran,  etc. This is an authentic book on the history of Ezhavas.

Books Specifications

Language : Malayalam
Category : Essays, History
Author : G. Priyadarsanan and Dr. S. Jayaprakash
Publisher : Poornna Printing and Publishing House
Publication Year : June 2015
No. of Pages : 170
Price : 140

Colossus | A Malayalam Novel by Kakkanadan


Colossus | A Malayalam Novel by Kakkanadan

Kakkanadan had admitted with pride that the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky had a tremendous influence on him and his works. But his source of inspiration was life itself. He was of the opinion that young Malayalam writers are writings and Malayalam literature as such would grow richer through them.

Aswadanathinte Unmadam | Malayalam Articles

Aswadanathinte Unmadam | Malayalam Articles

ASWADANATHINTE UNMADAM’ is a review by Dr.Prasannarajan on last few decades Malayalam literature. He writes about short stories, novels, poem and literary criticisms. 

Dr.Prasannarajan dedicates an entire section to K.P. Appan and tries to portray him as a friend, teacher and a human being rather than a writer. The personality of K.P. Appan is revealed in these articles.

This book has 2 interviews and 25 articles. This book is highly recommended for literature students and teachers.

Books Specifications

Language : Malayalam
Category : Essays
Author : Dr.Prasannarajan
Publisher : Poornna Printing and Publishing House
Publication Year : May 2011
No. of Pages : 186
Price : 110

Aarodum Paribhavamillathe - Autobiography Of MKK Nair

MKK Nair Autobiography

M K K Nair, was a legend in the field of administration and cultural activities. Being a 1950 batch IAS officer, he started his career as a Sub collector in the Madras State. From then, he held so many highest positions and worked dedicatedly in every field. His passion towards the arts and cultural activities made him the Chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam and a renowned member of Sangeeta Nataka Academy. Aarodum Paribhavamillathe - M K K Nair autobiography, simply shows the humble nature of this great man. It was published by Poornna Publications and you can easily get it online. 
Aarodum Paribhavamillathe - Autobiography Of MKK Nair

Malayalam Short Stories | Poornna Publications

Malayalam Short Stories | Poornna Publications


Are you interested in reading Malayalam Short Stories books ?
Poornna Publications brings you a large collections of books related to Malayalam Short Stories. The stories are written in Malayalam language. We have lots of book which are translated into Malayalam from its original foreign languages. You can visit our website and have a look for you book.

Narayana Guru Ente Athmasakshathkarathinte Pramanam |Famous Studies

narayana guru
Narayana Guru Ente Athmasakshathkarathinte Pramanam |Famous Studies

Narayana Guru, was a social reformer of India. He was born into a Kerala family. He led a reform movement in Kerala, rejected casteism, and promoted new values of spiritual freedom and social equality. Athmasakshathkarathinte Pramanam   a wide variety of topics on Indian philosophy. A famous book by Guru Nitya Chaithanya yati inspired by Narayana Guru.



Priyadarsanam, a great book on the history of journalism. Priyadarshan, was a scholar and writer who was completely dedicated journalist. This book is a tribute to that great scholar and in this, everything about journalism is mentioned. Dr. S  Jayaprakash is the editor of this book. Ofcourse, Priyadarshanam is a complete guide for any to be journalist. 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Charithram Sahithyam Samskaram | Malayalam Literary Reviews

Charithram Sahithyam Samskaram | Malayalam Literary Reviews

Charithram Sahithyam SamskaramPoorna publications bring out our new book Charithram Sahithyam Samskaram. It is a malayalam book and it is written by Dr.S Shaji. Charithram Sahithyam Samskaram is published in the year of 2015. It is one of the best literary article in Kerala.

Narayana Guruvum Gandhiyum | Malayalam Research Books

Narayana Guruvum Gandhiyum | Malayalam Research Books

'Mahatma Gandhi' and 'Sree Narayana Guru' are the two well known leaders. Both stood for the rights and freedom of poor people. They tried to educate people.  

In this book named 'NARAYANA GURUVUM GANDHIJIYUM', the author is trying to compare the similarities as well as difference among the two legends. 

Specifications of the Book
Author of this book :  Dr. S. Shaji. 
The book is written in : Malayalam language. 
Publisher of this book : 'Poornna Printing and Publishing House'. 
Publication Year : December 2011
No. of Pages : 210
Price : 140

Gurudeva Mahathmyam | Malayalam Biography Books

Gurudeva Mahathmyam | Malayalam Biography Books

gurudeva mahathmyam

Gurudeva Mahathmyam is a Biography of Sri Narayana Guru. The Author of this book is a famous writer named Swamy Dharma Theertha. He is also a disciple of  Sri Narayana Guru. The book Gurudeva Mahathmyam is written in Malayalam Language with a total of 74 pages. The Book is published by Poornna Publications. The Book is now available online at a price of only 44 INR.

Gain Knowledge by Reading Books.

Oru Veerapulakathinte Katha | Malayalam History Reference Book

Malayalam - Kerala History Reference books

Malayalam History Reference Book - 'Oru Veerapulakathinte Katha'

Oru Veerapulakathinte Katha is a book published in the year 2015 by Poornna publishers, Varkala. This book is written by famous Malayalam novelist and historian P K Balakrishnan. His first book 'Narayana Guru' was published in 1954.The book named 'Oru Veerapulakathinte Katha' (The Story of a Heroic Thrill) contains different articles written by P K Balakrishnan.

This book contains 25 articles and out of which 20 articles are related to history. It is about the truths of historical events in Kerala. Most of the essays are based on the evolution of caste system that was existed in Kerala and how the British rule affected them. The writer reveals the failures and influences in the cast system. He is writing about the social reform movements in that time and how that strikes tried to wipe off the injustices in the cast system. This book states that each and every historical event that took place contains a hidden truth. The writer himself research deeply to find out these truths. The 25 articles in this book is dealing with the complex subjects in different levels and contexts in Kerala history and literature. The 25 articles included in this book are given below.

1. What is Narayana Guru?
2. The Relevance of the School at Shivagiri
3. Asan and Vallathol
4. N Kumaranasan
5. The Social Vision of Kumaranasan
6. The Fear of Death, Simple Death, and Real Death
7. The Altar of Poetry
8. The Social Revolution that was Stitched Instead of the Silk Blouse.
9. The Story of a Heroic Thrill
10. About a Great Man Whom I Have Not Met
11. A Play that Wrote History by Itself.
12. Parasuram the Paper Tiger and Aaromal, the Hero.
13. Me, Zamorin, Gama et al
14. Our Great Tradition of Peace
15. An Introduction to the Study of Tradition in Kerala
16. Marxism and Literature
17. Decadent Writing and Socialist Realism
18. The Feudal Literature of Communist Leaders
19. Some Retrograde Thoughts about Literary Criticism
20. Criticism of Literature of Kerala
21. Our Revolutionary System and Feudalism
22. Some General Facts About History
23. The State of Kerala History and the Basis of Approach of EMS
24. An Introduction to the History of Namboodiris
25. Namboodiri and The Society of Kerala

 The rare collection of this articles compiled together and presented to you by Poornna publishers. To buy this book online visit the below link. 

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Ambedkar - Book For Children

biography of Ambedkar in Malayalam

The book written by Deshabhimani Gopi about Dr. B R Ambedkar is the biography of Dr. B R Ambedkar, the major architect of Indian constitution. The book is written in Malayalam which will help students to understand him better. This book is published by Poornna publishers in January 2017. 

This book clearly states the life of Dr. B R Ambedkar. He stood against caste discrimination and untouchability. He saw so many people who were avoided from the society due to caste. He always stood for Dalits. The main aim of his life was to give better living conditions for Dalits. Due to sincere work now in India Dalits got an equally well settlement in every field of life. To purchase this book online use the below link.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Sahodaran Ayyappan - Biography For Kids

biography of sahodharan ayyappan

Sahodharan Ayyappan was born on 21st August 1889 in Cherai. He was a rationalist, social reformer, and a politician too. He was the founder editor of the magazine named 'Yukthivadi'. He also started an organization named Sahodharasangam to eradicate casteism. Also, he conducted a Misrabhojanam in which the barriers of untouchability was broken. This program gave him a lot of enemies including Ezhava lords. When he strongly opposed the casteism people who hate him gave a name that Pulayan Ayyappan which he took as an honor. 
The book named 'Sahodharan Ayyappan' is a small biography of Sahodharan Ayyappan for children. This book is written in Malayalam by Prof. Viswamangalam Sundaresan. For more details and to purchase this book online from Poornna online bookstore follow the below link.

Sahodaran Ayyappan - Biography For Kids

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Kathakal Kathakal Kuttikathakal - Part 2

short story book for children

Kathakal Kathakal Kuttikathakal - Part 2 is a short story book in Malayalam. This book is useful for kids. The book contains several small short stories for children. The book is written by Babu Pakkanar. This book is really useful for kids in vacation time. They can read small stories in Malayalam with easy texts. This book provides a good message for children. To know the price and delivery details please use the below link.

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Chattambi Swamikal - Biography

biography of chattampiswamikal in malayalam
Chattambiswamikal was born in the year 1853 at Kollur. He was formerly known as Ayyappan and his pet name was Kunjan. He got the name chattambi because he was the monitor of the class. Pettayil Raman Pilla Asan was his teacher in the childhood. To support his family he started working. He was a laborer carrying building materials to the construction site of secretariat Trivandrum. Sometimes he was a document writer and may work as a clerk of an advocate. But his inner dream was to spiritually motivate thyself and to wander.  

The life of Chattambiswamikal is depicted in the book named "Chattambiswamikal" written by Dr. D Maya. This book is written in Malayalam and useful for children. The cost of this book is 26 rupees. This discount price only available in Poornna online bookstore. Purchase latest Malayalam books from Poornna online bookstore and earn more discount.

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Bapuji, Children’s Literature - Buy Online

Bapuji - A book about 'Mahatma Gandhi'

Bapuji - 'Mahatma Gandhi' - Children's literature'Bapuji' is a book about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (also known as 'Mahatma Gandhi'), who was the great leader of freedom fights against British ruling in India.

He led the people to the right direction of freedom like a father. He was very loving and caring to the mankind without having any prejudices to their cast, religion, money, color or creed. He was so generous to everyone without any partiality like a father. He became the father of nation in the mind of Indian people with his guidance and advice. He led Indians like a father for the freedom struggle. Hence he got the name 'Bapuji' which means 'father' in the Hindi language. 'Jawaharlal Nehru', called him as 'Bapu' for the first time and later 'Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose' gave him the title 'Father Of Nation'.

Children called him 'Bapuji' with love. He was a good leader and mentor for them. This book about 'Bapuji' is just a short story about him and contains only 122 pages. The book was published by 'Poornna publications' in the year 2008. The author of this great book is Dr. Vayalar Sugunan. This book will be a great choice to give your children as a gift. They can read about the brave man who was able to show his life itself as his message. It will be a motivational and inspiring book for them and will help them to grow good. Let build our nation with patriotic good citizens.  To buy this children's book about the great   Mahathma Gandhi, our 'Bapuji';  Click the below link.

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Short Stories For Children - Stories Evermore

Short stories - Moral stories - Bedtime stories - Stories for children

Short stories - Moral stories - for small Children.

Buy the best short stories ever for your Children from Poornna Publications. The 'Stories Evermore - Series' is a collection of fun filled moral stories with attractive pictures and colours.  Your children will love to read the stories with colourful pictures as it increases their imaginations too. The  author of this book is Hanna G who is a very good writer in children's short stories. This story series contains 9 different story books and all are written in English language. Each book costs just Rs. 15 which is a very much affordable rate. You can read them as bed time stories too. Spend time with your kids and they will love it more than anything. Stories by parents at bedtime will make your kids more happy with love. Buy this 9 story series books for your children today itself and read them for your kids. Listing the 9 stories in the series below.

1. The Ant And The Dove
2. The Donkey And The Dog
3. The Thirsty Crow
4. The Lion And The Mouse
5. The King And The Turtle
6. The Cat And The Ducks
7. The Fox And The Stork
8. The Boy Who Cried ' Wolf '
9. The Commentator Camel

Poornna Publications - Online Book Store

Poornna Publications presents easy choose and purchase option from its online book store.  Just visit the official website of Poornna Publications, where you can find online book store for short stories ready to select. Browse through your favorite books, grab them and ad to your online cart.  Just  Proceed to payment. Purchase with few clicks. Your books will reach home within few days! Easy and time saving!
Click the below link to buy short stories for children from Poornna Publications.

Short Stories For Children - Stories Evermore - Buy Online

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Poornna Educational Magazine for 8th Standard Students

Educational Magazine for 8th Standard Students

Poornna Educational magazine for 8th Standard students available in 2 languages. You can choose either English or Malayalam book. This book discusses 8 subjects in total. Other general knowledge columns are also added. This book makes a student to actively participate in his/her curricular activities thus provides him greater confidence. This book will be available from May 2017 onwards. There will be 8 issues. 
Educational Magazine for 8th Standard Students

Benefits of Educational Magazine For 8th Standard Students

Using the Poornna educational magazine for learning will provide the following benefits.
  • Students can learn easily and clearly.
  • The educational magazine contains a lot of question answers that will help students to learn thoroughly.
  • This book can help the 8th standard students to prepare the assignments, seminars, and projects.
  • Includes tips for the exam preparation.
  • Nurture students creativity.
  • Improve the language speaking ability.
If you purchase this book online we can ensure you the timely delivery of this educational magazine. Improve your kid's abilities by using Poornna educational magazines.

For more details and to activate online subscription just visit the below page.