Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Andhaviswasangalum Acharangalum| Science Behind Blind Beliefs

Science Behind Blind BeliefsEveryone follows superstitious beliefs in their life. That may be connected with their religion, culture, background or anything else. It is human nature to follow some beliefs, even it is ridiculous or does not make any sense.

We need no reason or facts to believe these ideas. But there will be a science behind almost all beliefs. Through the book Andhaviswasangalum Acharangalum, Gracious Benjamin uncovers the truth behind some of our beliefs.

Andhaviswasangalum Acharangalum| Science Behind Blind Beliefs

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Kerala School Guides - Poornna Publications

kerala school guidesOur education system has changed a lot. The traditional education system was based on the textbook learning.Our textbooks do not contain the current changes in the world. But students have to stay updated with their overall development. They have to learn what is happening in the world and what information they
can absorb from it.

Here, Poornna Guides helps the students. We focus on fulfilling all needs of a student. We have experts on our team and they will supervise the activities. Our magazines follow the textbook syllabus but contain advanced information. Poornna guides cover all the textbook portions, its complete case study, questions and answers, additional information about the portion etc.

We also include the latest happenings in different fields like Science, Politics, Commerce etc. We also include career guidance articles of famous people who have made their position on the society.

Book Poornna School Guides now... Make your child the best in all fields...

Kerala School Guides - Poornna Publications:

Monday, 26 March 2018

Buy High School Styudy Guides Online - Poornna Publications

Buy High School Styudy Guides Online - Poornna Publications: Buy Poorna Publication's High School Guides and Work Book with Question Bank online at best prices in India.

Poornna publications provides comprehensive monthly learning aids for high school students. These journals are prepared according to the new evaluation pattern and contain new syllabus language portions. Seminars, assignments and other activities included. Buy Annual subscription and avail more discount and exciting offers.
If you want your children a bright future let them study with Poornna's guides, It will definitely make a change in their study life and give an easiest way through the new syllabuses. Click the above link for more details.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Small Stories For Kids - STORIES EVERMORE (Titty the Umbrella)

Small Stories For Kids - STORIES EVERMORE (Titty the Umbrella)

STORIES EVERMORE(Titty the Umbrella) is the best one small stories for kids. The book contains interesting images, so kids will definitely attract this. The price of the book will be 15rs only. This book contains 26 pages. Stories Evermore(Titty the Umbrella) is written by Hanna G.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Malayalam Guide For class 8 Kerala Syllabus - Poornna Publications

Malayalam Guide For class 8 Kerala Syllabus - Poornna Publications

Poornna is the best book publishers in Kerala provides educational magazines and guide for students. We offer students (class 1 to 10) for the monthly magazine. For preparing the student for their exam, this type of magazine is very useful. Poornna educational magazine follows the SCERT Kerala syllabus.

guide for student

Monday, 26 February 2018

Malayalam Short Stories For kids - Verpadu

Malayalam Short Stories For kids - Verpadu

Story listening is one of the favorite thing in kid’s life. If they can’t read they will listen to one who reads the story. Book of malayalam short stories for kids are available today. Kids will love to listen all kinds of stories. Stories about animals are all time favorite of them. Verpadu is one of the animal related story. Kids will get idea of how animals are. If we love animals they will love us back and have respect for us.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Indian Heritage - India Lokapaithrukathil, Children’s literature

Indian heritage sites
Indian Heritage is the endowment from the past, with what we live today and what we pass on to the future generations. India is rich in its heritage, its healthy blend of various culture. It's very easy to overlook how unique our country India is, in terms of history, socio-cultural diversity etc. India is blessed with sites and spectacles distinguished in nature. Our heritage is uncoverable sources of life and motivation. As we know that, India was being ruled by many emperors which had also contributed to the heritage. India Lokapaithrukathil by Poornna publishers is a Malayalam book which contains minutiae of Indian heritage penned by B.Prithiraj. The author familiarizes you with the places and buildings from India which now entitles in the World Heritage list. This book is also helpful for the students for their studies and to know more about the Indian history.